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Germany €3.79 

EU countries  €8 

The others  €12 

No.1 Wrap necklace KU

Material: calf leather, water pipe(copper)


Length of string: 86cm

Weight: 56g


No.2    Wrap necklace RI

Material: calf leather, drawer handle, L-shape screw


Length of string: 86cm

Weight: 92g


No.3   Wrap necklace C

Material: calf leather, drawer handle

Pendant: 12cm×2.5cm

Length of string: 86cm

Weight: 58g


No.4   Brooch

Come out of hibernation

Size: 6.5cm×8.5cm


No.5   Brooch


Size: 7cm×8.5cm


No.6   Brooch

Vase of someone 

Size: 9cm×6cm


No.7   Brooch


Size: 9.7cm×5cm


No.8  Necklace MG-A

Material: Vegetable tanning leather, Wooden Beads

String length: 91cm

Weight: 75g


No.9  Necklace MG-B

Material: Vegetable tanning leather, Wooden Beads

String length   91cm

Weight   75g